Guide To Your Financial Freedom

Starfish Academy is a guide for enterprising people who want to achieve financial freedom. There are many ways to get there, but a supportive community of people who share your mindset and have similar aspirations will help you achieve your goals best. Together we move faster!

Why us?

Our values

5 important areas of life

If we want to feel truly happy in life, we need to take care of the five areas that are important for life. Instead of leaving them to chance, it is worth consciously devoting time to learning them and developing yourself in all these areas.

No area is more important than another, it is important to find harmony between them and to keep moving forward.

Why are we talking so much about money? Not because money is more important than other areas, but solving money issues gives you the opportunity to find significantly more time and opportunities to deal with other issues as well.

Supportive entrepreneurial environment

Starfish Academy’s Inner Circle is a unique environment where the continuous development of its members takes place through the sharing of common lessons and experiences. A supportive environment also helps to overcome the challenges of entrepreneurship, but together it is also good to celebrate progress and share small joys.

To reach the Inner Circle, you have to lay the foundation before and go through the courses either live or online.

Others about us

Risto Neemre
future investor

Starfish Academy is the beginning of my investment journey. The only way was to move forward with the knowledge gained and to achieve the goals that were set.

Starfish courses have given me the awareness and inner confidence to take bolder steps in life. Starting any change means moving away from a certain home port. This environment of self-development makes the whole journey more enjoyable and faster.

Risto Sulu
trainer and coach

Terje Tikka
beauty technician and entrepreneur

Starfish’s course gave me knowledge of where I am now and an even clearer picture of where I want to go. It introduced the part of the world that seemed impossible to me – getting out of the squirrel wheel. I am very grateful to Vallo Arumäe and his team for creating such a great environment for self-development. Life is just about to start!


There are financial knowledge courses for every level. Whether you are just starting to increase your financial IQ or have already made significant investments – you will find a course at the right level in our selection of financial knowledge courses. Change your mindset, develop your ideology and meet other people with similar interests to live a harmonious and fulfilling life.


Does your company want to increase the level of its teamwork and the effectiveness of its leaders? We will find the best solution for your team by choosing the most suitable training, mastermind or conference after analyzing the company’s growth potential.


Starfish Academy is a developing environment for enterprising people. We are a community of like-minded people committed to conscious lifelong self-development and personal growth in order to live meaningful and diverse lives.


We bring you blog posts about money and business, as well as other important areas of life. There are 5 important areas of our lives where the money is one of them, the others are the inner world, health, relationships and personal fulfilment.